Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Krugman Launches New Email Letter By Smacking Larry Kudlow

Paul Krugman has launched a new email newsletter.
This is how he starts the first issue:
Something unprecedented happened last week: Larry Kudlow, the Trump administration’s chief economist – known among the econ-cognoscenti as a man with an astonishing record of being wrong about everything – got something right. Reacting to a very weak jobs report, he dismissed it as a fluke. Indeed, jobs data are noisy, and one month does not a trend make.
Warning: The letter will bring back his terrible music choices:
A bit of explanation here. During the golden age of blogging, I used to regularly feature a music performance each Friday – reflecting my late-in-life discovery that I like a lot of indie music. But I got inhibited once the blog was folded into the digital version of the column. With this newsletter, I’m resuming the practice.
Now, one of the groups I really loved was the Americana duo The Civil Wars; along with many fans, I was crushed when they broke up. Lately, however, former member Joy Williams has been putting out some gorgeous stuff. Her song “When Creation Was Young” is my current favorite.


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