Thursday, March 28, 2019

Hayek Is Not a Prophet of Doom and Disaster But of Peace and Plenty

 Friedrich Hayek
Earlier this month immediately after the auction of items of Austrian school Noble Prize-winning economist Friedrich Hayek by Sotheby's, I posted on the astounding prices paid for the items (See: Hayek on Fire!!)

It has just now come to my attention of another Hayek item that was auctioned off.

In 2003, Margaret Thatcher gave a speech on Hayek recounting how timeless his writings are and how inspiring his analysis was when she was Prime Minister. The signed text sold for $74,278.97.

(ht: Catherine Alles)

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  1. Both Hayek and Hazlitt were definitely somewhat prophets of gloom(in some ways). I hope Hayek is wrong below. We have made it longer than he expected without a civilization-ending catastrophe( came close in cuban missile crises of course and numerous other times)