Saturday, March 16, 2019

Now, Warren Buffett Smashes Modern Monetary Theory

Warren Buffett
I have never considered multi-billionaire Warren Buffett to be particularly sound when it comes to economics.

He is very shrewd when it comes to investing but he certainly didn't get his father's genes when it comes to economics.

That said, even Buffett gets that Modern Monetary Theory is very bad economics.

"I’m not a fan of MMT -- not at all,” Buffett said Friday in a telephone interview with Bloomberg, adding that the deficit spending that’s part of the theory could risk “spiraling” inflation. “We don’t need to get into danger zones, and we don’t know precisely where they are.”

Buffett nails it, monetizing debt, in addition to distorting the economy, can result in an extreme acceleration in price inflation.



  1. Love the mmt hate, unfortunately most of the counter commentary has been from the traditional bad guys which gives it more strength to the normal person.

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