Sunday, March 24, 2019

Superhero Fake Interns at the Council of Economic Advisers?

Bruce Wayne, CEA intern?
This past week, the Council of Economic Advisers released its 2019 absurdly optimistic economic forecasts in the "Economic Report of the President." (SEE: 'Economic Report of the President': Projections Way Out of Line With Other Forecasters).

Careful readers of the report found curious names such as Bruce Wayne listed as interns at the CEA according to the end of the report.

The CEA has responded:
Wonderful, fake intern names for a report with fake growth projections, fact-checked by the interns. This is how serious they take things in-house under CEA Chairman Kevin "Baghdad Bob" Hassett.

 It's time to call in the Terminator and close the CEA.



  1. I will not accept a report without the approval of Dennis. (the anarchist peasant in Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

    BTW the report is Alsø alsø wik Jaba the Hutt. (listed as J.T. Hutt)