Saturday, March 23, 2019

Trump Says Auto Tariffs Never Going to Zero

Spencer C. emails:
Hi Robert,
Love your blogs. I thought you should see this if you hadn’t already. Trump tells Bartimoto in interview that he has no intention of ever reducing auto tariffs to zero. To be fair he says he’s open to zero tariffs on other goods, just not cars. So any notion that libertarians have that he’s secretly a free-trader and this is all a game to get to zero tariffs can be definitively debunked.

Start at 4:30 for relevant quote:
RW note: In addition to once again displaying his ignorance about trade and especially comparative advantage (SEE: Why Donald Trump Never Washed the Windows at Trump Tower),at the start of the interview he reveals himself as holding a monetarist Keynesian/inflationist perspective on economic growth. Should we be surprised he just nominated an inflation apologist for the Fed board?

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