Sunday, March 31, 2019

"There Are Not Enough Poor People in America"

From The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy by Pietra Rivoli:
Rich Americans – or even middle-class Americans – excel at throwing things away, and the richer we become, the bigger the mounds of cast-off clothing swell. The Salvation Army at one time tried to sell all of the clothing in its stores or to give it away, but the supply now so far outstrips domestic demand that only a fraction of the clothing collected by the Salvation Army stays in the United States. There are nowhere near enough poor people in America to absorb the mountains of castoffs, even if they were given away.
Via Don Boudreaux who adds:
 Contrary to the ignorant tweetings, twitterings, and other revelations of the ‘thoughts’ of many pundits and politicians, ordinary and even poor Americans are now much more materially prosperous than they were in the past and as compared to most people in the world today. To assert (as do the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders) that capitalism doesn’t work, or to proclaim (as do the likes of Donald Trump and Peter Navarro) that ordinary Americans are suffering because of increased globalization, is to display nothing but ignorance noxiously mixed with lust for power.



  1. Don't worry, George Soros is sending tens of thousands of poor people from Central Amerian and other nations here to add to the welfare rolls and other government services. They are more potential Dem Party voters and cheap labor for the business community.

    1. The poor are being imported in massive numbers no one talks about. Its the only way they can kill the middle class and bring it to heel

    2. No one is talking about?

      That is all Trump talks about with his dumbass understanding of economics.

    3. Yeah, RW like the idea of millions of useless eaters streaming across the border in the name of 'cheap labor' yet this 'cheap labor' did nothing to elevate the failed states they have left. He never goes into how these low IQ hordes will improve America or do anything leading to an NAP/PPS society.