Friday, April 26, 2019

Trump's Top Economic Adviser: Fed May Lower Rates

President Trump and Larry Kudlow
Is this more pressure on Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jay Powell from the Trump Administration via jawboning?

National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow told Newsmax TV that Fed might be considering cutting interest rates further.

On Thursday, during a sit-down at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building​ next to the White House with Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, Kudlow was asked about what's happening at the Federal Reserve.

"I think the Fed is moving toward rate cuts," Kudlow said. "That is my view. It's true in the open market, the funds rate has traded a bit high, but I think they're moving toward rate cuts."

The Fed is already spewing money out of the Eccles Building loads of money without Fed rate cuts. Does the Trump Administration really want lower rates which will mean more funny money in the economy?

Apparently so.

If you haven't noticed, Trump is an inflationist.


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