Tuesday, May 21, 2019

China Trade War Song Goes Viral:"We Will Beat America Out Of Its Wits"

A song titled "Trade War," (video below) has gone viral on one the largest Chinese social media platforms, WeChat, generating more than 100,000 views amid a deepening trade war between the US and China. The song begins with a chorus singing "Trade war! Trade war! Not afraid of the outrageous challenge! Not afraid of the outrageous challenge! A trade war is happening over the Pacific Ocean!" reports Bloomberg.

This is the alternative to free and open trade, nationalistic bellicose sentiments.

Also on Tuesday, Chinese state media continued broadcasting anti-US propaganda to millions of its citizens.
"Facing the US which is going against the trend of the times, China resolutely showed the sword," said an analysis from state-owned Xinhua News Agency. "We are forced to take necessary measures and are prepared for a protracted war."
An editorial in the People's Daily warned that depriving 1.4 billion Chinese of their right to economic development and prevent China from becoming a superpower would be like "a mantis trying to stop a car with its arms."

CCTV 6, the movie channel of China's leading state television broadcaster, has recently aired three anti-American movies last week.


(via ZeroHedge)

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