Saturday, May 25, 2019

Democratic Socialism Is the Scenic Route to Serfdom



  1. The problem is that "Democratic Socialism" vs "Socialism" is just a semantic "trick".

    The Democratic Socialists say they don't want to own the means to production. However ownership implies the ability to control your assets. Democratic Socialists want you to have a paper that says you're the owner, but they want to control the assets you own, or if that asset is currency, they just want to take it as you won't "use it properly."

    They're playing semantics. Democratic Socialism is just plain socialism.

  2. It's funny how Cato notes that these folks are not calling for gulags. But that's a likely, eventual outcome -- either physical or intellectual gulags -- when you forcibly try to override individuals' peaceful preferences. How long can you tolerate those who act in "black" or "grey" markets, who ignore the central plans, who speak out against the planners? You have to silence them, otherwise your whole edifice collapses.