Monday, May 20, 2019

Her Father is a Stanford Economist, But...

Kamala Harris and Donald Harris
...she has no idea how free markets work or pretends she doesn't.

That is she wants to create a central planning regulation to determine what equal pay is and determine when it is paid. Talk about setting up politically distorted data tests to prove a problem that doesn't exist.

As Mark Perry notes:
The 20/23% gender pay gap myth for doing the exact same work is an “apples-to-oranges” statistical fraud that keeps getting recycled and promoted by politicians, the NCPE and AAUW because it apparently has a huge payoff in terms of votes and financial support. And it will continue to have a payoff as long as average Americans, especially women, buy the statistical snake-oil that women are paid 20/23% less than men on average for doing the same job. 
It boggles the mind to think about the ways that Harris legislation will interfere with the employment picture. One possibility is that it will eliminate women from some career paths. Who would hire a woman who is worth less in the jobs market, say because she is of child-bearing age or has children so she can't work overtime, if one is going to be fined for giving such a woman a break?


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  1. The best hire I ever made was a post-menopausal female as a software engineer. HR expected me to hire a guy, and the salary was already specified. No complaints from them, bless their hearts.
    BTW, any stats from the HR world for medical benefit usage by men vs. women?