Monday, May 20, 2019

Top George W. Bush Economist Hired Two Psychiatrists to Study Trump

Larry Lindsey
Politico reports:

Larry Lindsey, President George W. Bush’s National Economic Council director, spoke Tuesday separately to both the elected House GOP leadership and top committee Republicans, and his presentation about China and trade turned a lot of heads, according to multiple people who were in both meetings.

Lindsey, who has an economic consultancy, was a guest of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Lindsey said he enlisted two psychiatrists to analyze the president from afar. China views President DONALD TRUMP as a “total narcissist” -- “a 10-out-of-10 narcissist,” he said. Lindsey attributed this to the president’s upbringing and said his mother didn’t pay him adequate attention in childhood.

Lindsey said Trump has no long-term plans or ability to think ahead. He said the president has the long-term decision-making ability of an “empty chair.” The psychiatrists said Chinese President Xi Jinping and Trump are very different people, Lindsey said, according to people in both meetings.



  1. It's going to become a full time job for those two, considering the series of textbook pathologies shown by the subject.

  2. "Lindsey said Trump has no long-term plans or ability to think ahead"

    So basically Trump is a typical Boomer?

    In any case, Bush Junior's legacy has shown us that he didn't have much ability to think ahead either.