Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Koch Network Slams $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Charles Koch
In a statement first given to CNBC, Americans for Prosperity, which is funded by the Koch network, ripped the idea of spending $2 trillion on infrastructure.

“If Congress wants to find money to modernize our roads and bridges, we encourage them to look to their own pockets – Americans have been filling them up for years,” Americans for Prosperity’s head of government affairs Brent Gardner said. “Instead of proposing a $2 trillion catch-all ‘infrastructure’ bill and asking hard-working Americans to fund it by paying more at the pump, Washington lawmakers should cut the red tape and stop wasting the tax dollars we give them.”

It is anticipated that Trump and the Democrats will call for increased federal gasoline taxes as a way to partially fund the infrastructure proposal.

Meanwhile, Democratic Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer is ecstatic about the plan.
This will be a good test to see if Charles' so-called powerful network can stop this statist monstrosity.


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