Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Trump Trade War Could Be Very Long

Senior Trump administration officials tell Axios that a trade deal with China isn't close and that the U.S. could be in for a long trade war.

 A senior administration official said the differences between the two sides are so profound that, based on his read of the situation, he can't see the fight getting resolved before the end of the year.

Notes Axios:
Trump’s mindset on the Chinese is simple: They only respond to shows of brute force.
Aside from the economic idiocy of a trade war that does nothing but lowers the living standards of Americans, there should be no surprise about the brute force policy of Trump here. This is the same policy he uses everywhere in all situations.

There are no diplomats in the Trump administration, just bullies.


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  1. Another thing said in the Axios report is that at leadt one senior administration official told the reporter that the president really truly believes that tariffs are paid by 'China' and not American consumers, and that no one has been able to convince him otherwise. You are left with the frightening realization that the person who started an ugly trade war amidst trade negotiations purported to avoid such a war doesn't understand the basics behind tariffs and instead believes a total fantasy. That's the person with the nuclear weapons codes, guys.