Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Numbers: Under Elizabeth Warren's Wealth Tax, Jeff Bezos Would End Up Paying $86.8 Billion, Mark Zuckerberg $44.2 Billion, Bill Gates $36.4 Billion

This is positively evil and destructive.

It is a direct attack on capital accumulation which is at the heart of a climbing standard of living.

Source: @gabriel_zucman


  1. No need to worry. It'll never happen. Congress will never raise taxes on the crony classes.

    1. Or Congress will more likely raise the rates to please the voters but leave a big, big hole for the crony class to walk through not having paid a cent more in tax.

    2. Thats exactly how it will go since the corporatists own the swamp anyway. Murica is too stupid to know that it is ploy number 23,537

  2. I could care less about these uber-rich schmucki-schmucks. They ALL love their politicos, and they all have and know where they have to go to get the subsidies to grow to such size and wealth.

    I am much more concerned with payroll taxes on the working poor than I am about these big-shots who are closest to the 'fiat money tree', or the mega-rich particularly who in the vast majority care very little about liberty for the masses or in sound (Austrian) economics! Egregious!!!!