Thursday, September 5, 2019

US-China High Level Trade Talks Back On

Chinese and American officials plan to hold trade talks in Washington in early October, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin spoke by phone on Thursday morning Beijing time and agreed to meet next month for high-level trade talks, state-run China Central Television said.

The U.S. side confirmed the phone call and said a high-level meeting would take place in Washington in the coming weeks.

Bottom line: Combover man is beginning to realize that his nutty trade war is damaging the stock market and economy. He will reach an agreement and declare a stupendous victory. There is no way he wants a weak economy and stock market going into an election year.



  1. A lot of damage can be done in weeks, or months -- especially to farmers, who depend on revenue from the harvest. It may already be too late to stop a weak economy from Trump's damaging ignorance.

    Pumping money -- especially after a decade of extreme money pumping -- can only work so long. The next recession/depression may be devastating, and it may start before the election.

    1. There is to many variables to pick a time and method to recession. But as RW points out the doctored numbers look good so what can go wrong with a debt laden hollowed out middle class that cant afford to pay attention and stealth inflation in food housing education and now tariff laden durable goods marching ever higher.

      With this strong economy that teeters on some sort of brink - like the rest of the world - Im sure it will be justtttt fine.