Sunday, October 27, 2019

Areas in The Greater San Francisco Area Where Power Has Been Shut Off By the Government Granted Monopolist PG&E

It is estimated that over 2 million people have had their power shut off over the last 24 hours by the monopolist PG&E, which serves the area with equipment not suited for the region.

It is possible that some may be without power for up tp 5 days.

It is time for free markets in electric power in California.



  1. Is this just a ruse to force people to turn to solar power panels on their roofs? Sort of a green Operation Northwoods?

    1. Never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by monopolistic incompetence and embezzlement.

  2. Or microgrids....which give them even more control... To limit your power.

  3. About every winter we go without power here in the Fairbanks area, due to some freak storm that brings warm (above freezing) weather with rain or freezing rain, then a heavy snow followed by extreme (-40 to -50) cold. The snow sticks to the wet trees, knocks all the trees down, then the cold sets in. Or it just flat gets cold and power starts failing. Since it happens every year, and sometimes it can take a week to 10 days to return power, people are used to it and everyone has at least a small generator, like 2,000 watts, that can give them limited power. With 2 hours of sunlight and -50, it can make for a long day, unless you are prepared.
    Just musing about it, because it’s funny how something as simple as power can put people in a stranglehold. Buy a genset. Never worry about who monopolizes the grid again. We have 3-10Kw sets, a 20 Kw and a 40 KW. You can get an older military genset pretty cheap just about anywhere if you are looking, the last one I bought I got for $700 and it had less than 300 hours on it, they run forever, and a 8-10 kw generator will power everything as if you are on the grid, in most homes.
    Take the “power” away from them.