Thursday, October 31, 2019

California's Coming ‘Decade of Darkness’

All praise slow-moving bureaucracy and bureaucratic battles, it is probably why there are still some pockets of free market activity in the People's Republic of California.

In the case of the California planned power outages by firms granted monopoly operating power, there are still electric generators. And people in the hill country of the state are going to need them.

Without granting full free market competition in the power sector, it is going to be a Decade of Darkness. I suspect housing prices in the impacted areas will decline.

But it is going to be a boon for  Generac Holdings, the Wisconsin-based maker of generators.

 Aaron Jagdfeld, chief executive officer of Generac, told Bloomberg, “It is a situation where we see a long-term upside for building awareness for our products.”

Generac expects California will get about $1 million of the $10 million spent this year on infomercials, he said, and will open an office in Sacramento for training, inventory and retail next year.

Generac’s shares hit an all-time high on Wednesday of $93.05.

But still Califronia is the land of 10 million interventionists and they will eventually get around to generators, once they figure the angle. "Anything to make living inhospitable" should be the state motto.

There are already some problems. The state’s tough regulatory profile, for instance, means that some of Generac’s present equipment may not meet environmental guidelines, Jagdfeld said.




  1. This keeps smelling like another agenda 21/2030 "nudge" to get people to move out the rural areas and suburbs.

  2. this has the positive spin that those that have the will to be self reliant and see how achievable it is will quit the status quo and embrace the decentralization mindset.

    The only way to kill the state is to create something better that makes sense to people.

  3. ...and of course, all these millions of extension cords ran by poorer people to their junky generators will be completely fire-safe. Not. The fires will continue, only now the bureaucrats and their corporate pals washed their hands.