Thursday, October 10, 2019

Tesla Owners in California Get a Warning to Charge Their Cars Before the Power Goes Out

As I reported yesterday, at least 800,000 people in northern California will be without power for a few days (See: North Korea-Style Power Service Hits California: PG&E is About to Shut Off Power in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area to 800,000 People; Possibly for Days).

This is going to be an even bigger problem for haters of fossil fuel burning.

Tesla is warning car owners that they should fully charge up their electric cars, before they can't.



  1. They could charge their cars using a hydrocarbon fueled generator.

    IMO one of the reasons for the battery EV push is the ability to turn people's transportation off more easily. Flip a switch and people are not going anywhere very shortly. Hydrocarbon fuels are a little more difficult to do that with because of all the local storage capacity. Even if the underground tanks work with electric pumps, human or ICE powered pumps can get the fuel from the tanks to the cars.

  2. Haha. Runnin my guest cottage off the ex's Tesla!!
    P.S. She didn't like my joke about if the BBQ won't light, just roll it down next to the Tesla!