Friday, October 18, 2019

The Best of Karl Marx

Phillip W. Magness has done a very clever and important thing. He has put together a collection of Karl Marx writings and called it The Best of Karl Marx. And the writings selected are important Marx writings.

I can see a young new socialist picking up the book with fevered excitement. Here selected for him is everything he needs to know about the thought of Marx.

But there is a roadside bomb embedded in the book in the form of the introduction by Magness himself.

It is a total 100% destruction of Marx's thinking and an important history of how Marx's stature grew and a mention of what Marxian revolutions have brought and why.

Standing alone, I would consider the introduction to be the most important introduction to the problems of Marxian theory and application ever written.

It is just devastating.

For every student of free-markets, (and every student of Marx for that matter), this book is a must read. This book will teach you how to destroy Marxism.

The introduction makes this book an instant classic.

Order it here.


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