Thursday, October 17, 2019

Top Trump Economic Adviser Hints Deep State Has Staffers Inside the Federal Reserve Trying to Hurt the President

President Trump with Larry Kudlow
Does Larry Kudlow, the top economic aide at the White House, really want to be close to power this desperately?

He went on CNBC this morning and made the absurd statement that Federal Reserve "models are highly flawed. The deep state [Fed] board staff, of course, has not been very helpful — oops, did I say that?”

This is complete nonsense. As I am reporting at the EPJ Daily Alert, the Federal Reserve is pumping massive amounts of new money into the system. The only part of the economy hurting is the sectors damaged by Trump's trade wars.

I really can't see how the Fed could be more accommodating.

Of course, President Trump wants more money printing but he is coming at this from the perspective of an always in debt New York City real estate hustler.

The reality is there is no Deep State at the Fed hurting Trump, the Fed is bending to Trump's demands. Which, btw, is going to set us up for a very volatile economy (see the ALERT) but no recession just yet.


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