Tuesday, October 8, 2019

"The Most Anti-Leftist Movie I Have Seen, Ever."

Tyler Cowen on "The Joker" movie:
I read so many scathing — forgive me long and thorough and scathing — reviews of this one that I figured something had to be up.  And indeed there is.  However unpleasant and disturbing this movie may be, it is excellent along all major dimensions of cinematic quality, including drama, script, characterization, performances, cinematography, color, music, and more, not to mention embedded cinematic references.
But here is the catch:
it is the most anti-Leftist movie I have seen, ever.  It quite explicitly portrays the egalitarian instinct as a kind of barbaric violent atavism, and it is pointedly critical of Antifa and related movements, showing them as representing a literal end of civilization.  Only the wealthy are genteel and urbane and proper.  On crime and law and order, it is right-wing in a 1970s “Death Wish” sort of way, though anti-gun too.
I believe the critics simply could not see straight.  I hesitate to recommend such a non-entertaining and indeed reactionary movie, but I am very glad I saw it.  If you have been put off by the reviews, with this blog post I am adding my dissenting voice of reason.

Herer's the trailer:


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  1. Cowen offers a very curious and contradictory review. He says "it is excellent along all major dimensions of cinematic quality" and yet believes it is a "non-entertaining" movie. Then just to make sure the reader knows Cowen is an intellectual, he states that relative to the many negative reviews he has seen this is "my dissenting voice of reason." This reminds me of his economic pronouncements which are often contradictory and sometimes far from the voice of reason. I think I'll wait until the Joker cones to cable TV.