Wednesday, November 6, 2019

EPJ Best Sellers

This is the list of books that were best sellers in October 2019 here at EPJ/Target Liberty:

1.  The Best of Karl Marx with an introduction by Phillip W. Magness
Magness has done a very clever and important thing. (see here)

2. Conceived in Liberty, Volume 5: The New Republic by Murray Rothbard
"Rothbard was not just a remarkable economist and political thinker, but one of the best revisionist historians of the 20th Century."

3. The Case Against Socialism by Rand Paul (RW review coming)

4. Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way Through the Unfree World by Robert Lawson and Benjamin Powell
"I confess that I approached the authors’ project of a drinking tour of the socialist countries with skepticism. Would it be more than ajeu d’esprit? Reading the book has laid my skepticism to rest. Socialism Sucks has the potential to do great good, if it gets into the right hands, and its impressive sales suggest that it will do so." -David Gordon

5.Great Society: A New History by Amity Shlaes
I am expecting big things from this book.

6. Springtime for Snowflakes: 'Social Justice' and Its Postmodern Parentage by Michael Rectenwald
A report from a professor inside the political correctness Zamboni machine.

7. Why the Federal Reserve Sucks by Murray Sabrin
Heavy-duty Fed smashing.

8. Three Minute Therapy by Dr. Michael Edelstein
Get your head straight. Sixth appearance on the list.

9. Permanent Record by Edward Snowden
Protect yourself. Learn how the state tracks you.

10. Conceived in Liberty Volumes 1-4 by Murray Rothbard
You can't survive with just Volume 5


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