Friday, November 15, 2019

Kissinger Says Failure to Mend U.S.-China Trade Relations Would Be ‘Worse Than the World Wars that Ruined European Civilization’

As long as nations cling to protective tariffs, migration barriers, compulsory education, interventionism and etatism, new conflicts capable of breaking out at any time into open warfare will continually arise to plague mankind.
 -Ludwig von Mises Liberalism, pp. 150–51

Henry Kissinger
Not always sound on economics or global affairs former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger nails it this time.

He is beginning to sound like Ludwig von Mises.

Speaking at the National Committee on U.S. China Relations in New York on Thursday, Kissinger said intensifying Sino-American conflicts would potentially be “worse than world wars,” and added that a prolonged spat could have a “catastrophic outcome.”

Is Trump listening?

Kissinger is said to be close to Jared Kushner.



  1. Great quote from von Mises. Thanks RW.

  2. It is more likely that Kissinger sees China as a good model for the etatism that he and his ilk would like to see for the rest of the world then him beginning to sound like Mises.

    We Are Change Colorado: CFR Kissinger Haas confrontation

    1. Exactly!
      China is the model these self appointed social engineers are working towards implementing world wide.

    2. Yeah they envy the technological control China is achieving over the masses.