Friday, November 15, 2019

The Most Important Book For Our Age on Socialism

When I first heard that Rand Paul was coming out with a book on socialism, The Case Against Socialism, my initial thought was "not another book on the topic, there are some good ones that have already been recently published."

I had no intention of reading the book.

Then a friend, whose opinions I respect, asked me when I was going to review the book. I responded that I wasn't planning to. He then said, "You should, it is really good."

And so I bought the book and here I am bowled over by how good this book is.

It exceeds any other recent books that have been written about socialism. It is the assassination of socialism.

The thoroughness of the coverage of current socialist topics and the depth of analysis is simply superior to any other modern-day book out there about socialism.

Every modern-day socialist advocate is discussed from Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to the economist Thomas Piketty.

Rand covers organizations such as the Democratic Socialists of America to programs like the Green New Deal.

He destroys them all with facts, theory and history lessons in a breezy writing style that includes an occasional biting wit.

I include below the titles of some of the sections and chapters to provide a sense of how all-encompassing this book is. I hasten to add that his coverage on each of the topics in these sections and chapters is better than anything else written out there:

Socialism Rewards Corruption
The Poor Are Better Off Under Capitalism
Bernie's Socialism Also Includes Praise For Dictators
Today's American Socialists Don't Know What Socialism Means
Capitalism Makes Scandanavia Great
No, Bernie, Scandanavia is Not Socialist
American Scandanavians Have It Better Here
Hitler Was A Socialist
The Nazis Hated Capitalism
Socialism Promises Equality and Leads to Tyranny
Poetry Can Be Dangerous Under Socialism
It's Not Socialism Without Purges
Freedom Is Not the Inevitable Outcome of History and Must Be Protected
If Socialists Can't Find a Crisis, They Will Create One
Socialist Green New Deal Allows for No Dissent

As I read through the book, given how well it is researched, the thought kept going through my mind, how did Rand find the time to write such a thorough book? Then, I realized he must have written most of the book while recovering from the attack that left him with a number of broken ribs.

This book is so good that I am afraid some of us may have to get together and break a few more ribs to see what he can come up with next.

This book is great for anyone who wants to strengthen their arsenal against socialist talking points. And it would make an absolutely great gift for any lefty friends.

Finally, this is must reading for any high school or college student who is surely going to find his classes filled with socialist propaganda. For the student, it is a kind of vaccination against the propaganda.

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  1. His Dad was a hard act to follow, but I'm really thrilled to see how well he's doing. I'm buying the book based on your approval.

  2. I'll have to check it out. DiLorenzo's recent "The Problem of Socialism" will be a tough act to follow however. He did incredible work showing that the Fascists were little more than a pragmatic 'ad-hoc' socialist spin-off movement.

    1. DiLorenzo's book is excellent and very important for a complete understanding of socialism. Rand's book is different in that, with theoretical and historical context, it takes apart current socialists, e.g. Bernie and AOC.