Thursday, January 30, 2020

AOC With Some Serious Capitalist Hate---And the People Cheer

The amount of economic nonsense sputtered by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently in Harlem is just stunning.

At a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day event at Riverside Church, she told an audience in reference to the capitalist system that it is "this thing we live in" and that "No one ever makes a billion. You take a billion dollars."

In this clip alone, she demonstrated that she has no understanding about entrepreneurship, market wages, the problems with central planning, the nature of government organizations and central power, that democracy is just the tyranny of the majority, and she has no seeming awareness that the governments launched in the name of socialism and communism resulted in collapsed economies with millions dead.

She is a very dangerous demagogue who talks fabooty with tremendous skill.



  1. So does she donate her income that goes beyond what the average American pockets per year? If not someone needs to ask her about that, because by normal standards she must be exceedingly wealthy by now.

    I'm guessing her argument would be something along the lines of "we should all be making at least what I make" except she's directly interfering with that by living off tax revenue. How hard would it be on her part to change that? Meanwhile she insists that organizing society in a way that has ended in catastrophe numerous times over is a no brainer.

    I agree that she has some media appeal, but I don't think it will be too hard for even a lightweight middle of the road politician to make a fool of her in a reasonable debate. And yes I realize that the as yet unknown politician probably won't be much good either.

  2. Someday, I think, she will have to debate someone who actually knows more than the 3x5 commie talking point card, and they will make her look stupid. Of course she will pull the sympathy card out immediately, but while she does have followers, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t think she is an idiot. And those people aren’t going to just lay down and let her and her ilk take over. It just won’t happen that easily.

    1. Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute had issued challenges to debate her several times and crickets on the other end from her staff.

      The editor of Jacobin to his credit has been willing to engage with free market critics on the debate stage.

    2. They don't care about debating, because they don't care about information that contradicts their script; They found an angle to attract followers and amass power, and they're not going to engage in useless debates that don't aggrandize their power.

  3. Soft hands and eyeglasses? Off to the killing fields!

  4. Show me a list of socialist countries and I'll show you a list of the poorest countries in the world. Oh... wait...