Thursday, January 2, 2020

Austrian Economist Heavyweights Exchange Fan Letters

Walter Block

Murray Sabrin
 Walter Block writes at LRC:
Tom DiLorenzo was kind enough to mention Murray Sabrin and his retirement speech from Ramapo University at the Raciti Memorial Lecture, this first appeared, courtesy of Robert Wenzel and his Target Liberty blog.

Let me, please, “pile on,” about this other Murray. This is not allowed in football, but that doesn’t apply in this venue. Murray Sabrin has made very important contributions both to libertarianism and Austrian economic theory in his career. He has taught generations of students at Ramapo University, many of whom, to my certain knowledge, based on experience with them, will uphold these principles and spread them even further. As well Murray has run for office on the Libertarian Party ticket in a magnificent non-compromising manner.

Murray Sabrin is not retiring. I know this decades-long friend of mine too well for that. He has too much fire in his belly for the freedom philosophy and for Austrian economics to do any such thing. Yes, he will not be teaching at university any more, but, in the coming years I expect that this “other Murray” will knock our socks off even further with additional writings, publications, interviews, lectures, books and articles.
Murray Sabrin responds in an email:
A wonderful post by one of the most prolific economists and philosophers of the past 50 years.  Walter’s contributions rank up there with Noble Laureates, many of whom cannot hold a candle to his brilliance.

I have had the privilege of knowing Walter for the past 45 years.

I still remember our first telephone conversation in the summer of ‘74.  How time flies!
 Happy New Year. 
To clarify, I will officially retire on July 1.  The word has gotten out to the Finance majors.  It is standing room only in my Financial History class this semester.  The financial fireworks will be explosive in the Roaring 20s, 21st century edition. 

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