Friday, February 28, 2020

Anti-Trump Actress Calls for 'Economic Shutdown' to Disrupt GDP for a Day

 Patricia Arquette
Actress Patricia Arquette is calling on her Instagram followers over last weekend to spread the word about an "economic shutdown" effort scheduled for March 2, reports Fox News.

"March 2 there is an economic shut down [sic] action," Arquette captioned the post. "Don't purchase anything on this day."

Arquette added the hashtag #RESIST.

Arquette posted images of tweets, which described the shutdown as a way to create a "1-day ripple in the US GDP." That same Twitter user said in another post: "Our goal is $238.2. billion the equivalent to one day of the US GDP."

Notes Fox, it's unclear who that person is but their bio claims "Ret. Federal Reserve Board."

Of course, the idea is pretty nutty. The thing you would want to really protest is the Federal Reserve Board, the former employer of @Lee8772.

The Fed is truly an economic wrecking machine on many levels.



  1. Im starting my own campaign, spend DOUBLE you normally would on March 3rd.

  2. How about we just stop watching Patricia Arquette movies?

  3. Don't purchase anything for a whole day!

  4. Well I mean right after getting coffee at starbucks, and enough double fudge brownies, and a few bagels to make it until lunch.

  5. I am a little hazy on how this is going to bring down Trump. Are the CEos of Walmart and Target going to have him assassinated?