Thursday, February 27, 2020

Pathologists Debunk 13 Coronavirus Myths

The coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, originated in Wuhan, China, and has spread to at least 26 other countries.

Here is some sound background information on the virus from Syra Madad, the senior director of the NYC Health + Hospitals System-wide Special Pathogens Program, and Stephen Morse, a professor of epidemiology at Columbia University, debunked 13 of the most common myths about the coronavirus.



  1. Take this for what it is worth. A friend was a cop in Canada. My friend has a number of friends that are still cops in Canada. They informed my friend that the Corona Virus was one of a number of bio-weapons stolen from a facility in Canada by Chinese that had been working at the facility.

    These cops claim the release of the Corona Virus was the result of either a clumsy exchange of the bio-weapon from the thieves to their “customer” or deliberate exposure to the public.

  2. FOS this is. She says in her opening statement her comments come in based on data coming in.
    Pathologists actually dont presume until they have hard eveidence. As in a body with tissue samples.

  3. bullshit. they based their disinfo on "data coming in."
    They dont know any better than i do. I also have data coming in... what a bunch of BS.

  4. Glad you posted this. I recently watched the "Pandemic" series on Netflix since it was trending for obvious reasons. Syra Madad appeared in the series and I was very impressed by her and her role in NYC healthcare - this mythbusting video is pretty lame however. The CDC can't even distribute a working test kit for state labs - what a disgrace. Masks do work - you just have to use them correctly, like any other PPE. There is not enough evidence about the virus to say with certainty where/how it originated. The CDC is barely able to test for the virus but I'm supposed to look to Mike Pence, the CDC and WHO for guidance? Yikes. This coronavirus spreads too effectively and the world is much smaller that it was when SARS hit; it will be everywhere. I can credit the CDC on that one. I truly hope that I'm wrong and we can get back to buying stocks hand over fist ASAP.

  5. It took until the eighth minute for Madad to point the finger at, you guessed it, climate change. And I had to laugh when she said that people should consult "credible sources" and then almost all of her examples were government websites.

  6. jury is still out on the pets "myth":

  7. "The coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, originated in Wuhan, China, and has spread to at least 26 other countries."

    No. This virus originated at Research Triangle @ UNC.
    Nice try.

  8. "The coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, originated in Wuhan, China"


    This virus (which is akin to the common cold) was produced at Research Triangle @ UNC.
    Operation Mockingbird is alive and well.