Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tx Lt Gov Dan Patrick Says Grandparents Would Be Willing to Die to Save the Economy for Their Grandchildren

Wow, who is this guy?

Give him, right now, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Look, no one has to die for their grandkids.

The elderly just have to be careful.

But Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick puts things in terms of ranking, choices and options that is powerful and in wonderful opposition to the authoritarian medical tyrants around us.  (Starts at 13:52)



  1. Thank you, thank you Mr. Patrick. You have been reading my mind. As a grandmother who is over sixty, I am furious that the increased risk of the virus in people my age is being used as an excuse to destroy the economy. No one ever asked me. None of this has ever made sense to me. These job losses in my family and the families in my community are causing more pain and suffering than this virus ever could.

  2. Something is wrong with the youtube link.