Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Where COVID-19 Appears to Be HOT in the United States

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The above map was created by HealthWeather.us in collaboration with Benjamin Dalziel of Oregon State University.

It shows you how much influenza-like illness above the normal expected levels have been detected since March 1. Areas with illness levels that are higher than expected are likely to be indicators of a strong presence of COVID-19. The data is current as of: March 29, 2020.



  1. I keep hearing that warmer weather should slow Covid down, but I'm wondering why Florida appears to be in so much trouble. Maybe the large population of retirees?

    1. Well, first it is a map of above normal so it can still be low on an absolute level just higher than normal and, of course, the snowbirds.

  2. Maybe all of the tourists that came to vacation and visit Florida. They would have all been traveling on airplanes contracting it and probably spreading it. You've got Disney with tons of people walking around bumping into each other and standing close in lines. Cruise ships that probably didn't test people for the virus too.

  3. WESH-TV in Orlando has had an interactive county map of Florida. Most counties in the north have 0-20 positives (aka "cases"). Miami and Broward county in the SE have 3,000. This is home grown.

    Also, check out Jasper and Columbia County on the Georgia border and the counties to the west and southwest. Jasper is the first county where I-75 comes into Florida and Columbia has Lake City with zillions of motels and dining places off I-75. Leon County which houses the state capitol and Florida State has been stuck at 23 cases for days.


    Florida county map: https://geology.com/county-map/florida.shtml

  4. Correction: Jasper, Florida is a little town in Hamilton, County, Florida which is the county receiving the mobs entering Florida on I-75. There is no Jasper, County. According to the WESH-TV map, Hamilton County has zero cases and Columbia County has 3.