Sunday, April 5, 2020

Coronavirus Peak in Some Cities Next Week

It appears that coronavirus cases will peak in several hot spot cities in about a week.

Even the fearmongers seem to get that the curves will start to bend in an obvious fashion.

Modeling shows New York, Detroit and New Orleans—and areas around those cities—will likely reach the peak of their outbreaks in the next six to seven days, White House coronavirus response coordinator Deborah Birx said Saturday evening, according to The Wall Street Journal.



  1. It's hard to take these models/data seriously given all the flaws that have been pointed out, but if the prison guards do and so start to let us move around again, then that works for me.

  2. Maybe they should focus more on the fact that there is something like 45,000 suicides per year directly connected to unemployment in GOOD times of like 4% unemployment. If they are expecting a 10x increase in unemployment, expect at least 450,000 suicides per year! And if the connection isn't linear, who knows, maybe MILLIONS of suicides are incoming. Nobody seems to be looking into this side of the coin. Trump said something about concern over it but it was largely dismissed. If we are wanting to be honest about saving lives this needs to be modeled. And considering the fact that most suicide related to unemployment is in the younger working age group healthy population, not sick people and eighty-year-olds. When faced with option, trading one life for another, is that the trade off society wants?

    1. In a classic case of Bastiat's warning, the government and public-health "experts" are willing to model the absolute worst case scenario for the bug, to justify shutting down the country, but are not willing to model the absolute worst case scenario for the impact of the shutdown.

    2. I'm sympathetic to your argument. I'd rather work and be free. That being said, it's important to think about another aspect of this. Unless this all gets reeled in very quickly, which I think is a low probability, the folks who remain employed, especially at the low end, will soon wish they were unemployed and collecting bennies that likely exceed their low pay without having to show up. I have a small home based biz that meets my meager financial needs and gives me the free time I want. I currently collect no bennies. The gov't shut me down as nonessential and restricted my main customers (tourists) from entering my area. While this goes on they are proposing to give me UE money at the state level that is boosted by Fed money. If this really happens (I have my doubts), I will net somewhat more money than I normally make in profits in a similar time period. With NO hump at all. No waking up at 5 am and pitching in the heat and humidity at outdoor markets. No expenses. Probably lower 2020 Fed and State taxes, maybe even a refund! Now, it's not G4 money like the banksters but still money for nothin' even if we're all living in the inflationary environment RW predicts.

  3. Not unlike WWII Propaganda, the message is clear: keep them divided.

    Within communities, obedience signaling is the new virtue. “Report” anything everything whatever you see “to the authorities.” Citizen tyrants are lapping this up. Keeping an eye on various Facebook community groups around my area, I note the overwhelming number of people shaming, disgracing, screeching at, and stigmatizing others who don’t approve and endorse government shutdowns and lock-ins