Sunday, April 19, 2020

How I Bought a $16.25 Million Mega Mansion

This you have to watch.

I could do about three months of a COVID-19 lockdown here.

BTW, the buyer is Ben Mallah.

According to, Маllаh іѕ а ѕеlf-mаdе mіllіоnаіrе whо started in tugѕ аnd huѕtlеd hіѕ wау uр and is now а rеаl eѕtаtе mоgul. Не buуѕ dіlаріdаtеd hоuѕеѕ, thеn fіхеѕ thеm uр аnd thеn flір thеm and thеn rе-іnvеѕts thе mоnеу іn оthеr рrореrtу dеаlѕ.


UPDATE  via @mattschapman


  1. That was awesome. Dream big and be relentless in deals.

    Loved the cut to the scales of justice as he was signing docs.

    And the 50 ashtrays from the Dollar Store was priceless.

  2. And so, Bob, your theory is that after the Fed-flood of money into the economy, he flips this home for $25 million? Or, alternatively, he goes flat bankrupt with maintenance expenses and the home is auctioned into a collapsed real-estate market post-virus? We shall see.