Sunday, April 12, 2020

On Paul Krugman's Horrific Masterclass

Paul Krugman
Dan Snigier emails:
Saw an ad for an online class on youtube, by Krugman.

Have you seen or heard of this?  He claims to explain on economics ills  through this course.  Might be something you can write about.

It's a disaster.

I took it apart lesson by lesson when it first came out in late 2018

22 Days in Paul Krugman's Masterclass (Day 12) (A Home Run for Krugman! )


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  1. Bravo. IMHO Krugman is a pedophile creep hack crony economist. He denied that his computer which got hacked from pornography and viruses was his doing, well who else would have access to your computer???? Not provable.... Maybe, but just look at his lifestyle and character.

    He lacks deep thinking logic and rational. #1 thing to be a competent economest is deep logic and rational. He is right about economic issues about 15% of the time.