Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Uber Reportedly May Cut Around 20% of Its Workforce

Executives at Uber are discussing plans to cut around 20% of the company’s employees, as it copes with a sharp decline in its ride-hailing business due to the coronavirus pandemic, reports The Information.

Layoffs of that magnitude, which haven’t been finalized but could be announced in stages in the coming weeks, could result in more than 5,400 of Uber’s 27,000 employees losing their jobs.

Yes, another Silicon Valley company that has been badly damaged by the lockdown.

The firm joins Google and Facebook with bad news.

Perhaps these firms will now put pressure on government power freaks to open up the country.



  1. I don't want to be a constant spoiler, but Uber, et al., are not losing business because of the Gov't ordered shutdown. Covid is the cause. Several polls have confirmed most people are in favor or shutdown & social distancing.

    As individual states relax shutdowns, likely there will be little venturing out, as has been the case in most parts of the world. Even China apparently has increased business activity during the week, but satellite photos show minimal activity on week-ends.

    IMO, for Uber, etc., to have more riders, aside from treatments (as possible Gilead trial this morning,) or a vaccine, cars, planes, restaurants, will need to prove to consumers that the air / surfaces are covid-safe.

    1. Of course, this is blue sky theorizing that flies in the face of real data:

    2. I realize that I and most of us reading this are not in the majority in most cases but almost all of the people I associate with, including workers at restaurants and grocery stores have not drank all of the COVID-1984 cool aid. I estimate it is about 50/50 on social media and comments at corporate media sites.

  2. If UBER would not have been forced to designate their drivers as employees they wouldn’t need to lay anyone off.