Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Maxine Waters is Feeling the Anti-Lockdown Pressure

It is clear California government officials are feeling the heat from those objecting to the lockdowns in the state. Congresswoman Maxine Waters is even taking to the air to scold those protesting.

But notice her solution, it is a bill to pay off landlords and others with money printed out of thin air.

If this money printing is stopped, which will be damaging to all long-term, the lockdowns, supported by no scientific studies, will have to end because the pressure will just be too much from those damaged by the lockdowns.


1 comment:

  1. Good lord, Robert, you made me listen to this.
    Well, I AM ashamed. Truly. I'm shufflin' back to the basement as soon as I finish typing this. And oh, she's got a bill. A 100 billion dollar bill. Yeah, and she's presenting that bill to me (a taxpayer). So let me grab that jug of Jameson and crawl back downstairs.