Thursday, May 14, 2020

IT CONTINUES: More Than 2.9 Million Workers Filed Unemployment Claims Last Week

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More than 2.9 million workers applied for unemployment benefits last week.

Since the start of the COVID-19 panic-related lockdown over the last two months, 36.5 million total have filed jobless claims.


  1. Just so you understand, at a minimum of $600 per week, and with state unemployment bureaucrats swamped and approving claims that would normally never be approved, there is literally no downside to applying for unemployment. My sons have friends that didnt quit their jobs until their unemployment claim was approved.

  2. I had a thought on this yesterday and maybe you can correct my thinking... A potential consequence of the high unemployment payments could be an increase in wages as businesses are now competing with .gov for employees. If businesses want people to come to work, they must increase pay to do so. Could that be a possibility?

  3. Been unemployed for over 6 weeks.. Still haven't recieved any unemployment or any $600. I live in WA and they sent out a notification yesterday that over 48,000 people in our state are in the same boat as me. You cannot call and get reach anyone as they are getting 100 calls per second. I did recieve the $1200 stimulous check. That is the only thing keeping us from be homeless. Been applying for tons of jobs for months but nobody hiring so far. If you are hiring I doubt you would have a problem hiring at even lower pay. I haven't been able to find a job at even half of what I was paid before.