Thursday, May 14, 2020

A Report From Alaska: Hamburger Prices Are Up 74%

Joshua Bennett emails:
Hello Bob.

Our local Costco as of now, beef hamburger is $9 a pound, and steaks are $18 a pound. Hamburger was at $3.50 a pound before all this.

Our local butcher shops, that butcher and package the little local beef that is raised here, are all out of meat.

Luckily, I have a couple moose in our freezers, and plenty of canned smoked salmon, and salmon season is coming soon again.

I can’t imagine what people are going to do who don’t have the funds to pay the high prices and can’t provide meat for themselves.



  1. The excellent gourmet Grosse Pointe food and meat market at the end of my block (purchased 15 years ago and recently expanded by an Iraqi Chaldean) has raised the price of their excellent ground beef from $5-6 to $10 per pound. I think that this may violate Michigan's "price gouging" laws and our evil Maoist lesbian Democrat (a true stereotype) attorney general has threaten hellfire for any violators. The market had lots and lots of meat as of Tuesday.

    1. Ah, price gouging high prices keeping the riff raff out and leaving tasty beef for us elites.
      /s (kinda)

  2. Standard of living going down.