Friday, May 22, 2020

San Francisco Mayor London Breed Gives Delusional Press Conference

What goes on behind that mask?
At a COVID-19 lockdown news conference on Thursday, San Francisco Mayor London Breed encouraged San Franciscans to shop local as much as possible.

"Rather than making that next purchase on Amazon, maybe consider finding a place in your community and trying to shop at the local stores that may have availability for pickup and delivery," said Breed. How delusional is this? There is just one bookstore open and an Office Depot.

I have already reported on what Breed's nutty curbside shopping has produced, continued closed stores  (See: San Francisco Mayor's First Step to Opening Up the City is a Disaster):

Breed also applauded the Great Plates Delivered program, which delivers three meals a day from local restaurants to seniors, but she did not address the COVID-19 cases occurring at high-risk SROs because from early on her focus was only the power freak move of locking down the entire city.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:
Cases among SRO residents and staff have increased by 1,888% since April 1, when nine residents at eight SROs had tested positive for the coronavirus. As of Monday, there were at least 179 cases among residents and staff at 60 residential hotels, according to an SRO report provided to The Chronicle...
“Frankly, the vulnerabilities with this population are not a secret, and there should have been protocols in place months ago to address the spread of COVID in SROs and outlining the city’s response,” said City Supervisor Aaron Peskin.
More than 19,000 San Franciscans live in 500 SROs across the city, many of them older or with chronic health conditions, putting them at high-risk for severe cases of COVID-19. Communal bathrooms and kitchens, a common feature in the hotels, make it difficult or impossible for residents to social distance or self-isolate.
She apparently continues to get her guidance on COVID-19 actions from Dr. Grant Colfax, the Director of the San Francisco Department of Public Health, who was part of the Obama White House as the Director of National AIDS Policy.

He has the stated nutty goal "to cross the finish line and get to zero" HIV infections. (An estimated 38,000 new HIV infections continue to occur in the United States each year.)

Explaining his interest in fighting HIV/AIDS, Colfax told the San Francisco AIDS Foundation:
As a gay man coming of age in the mid 1980s, HIV/AIDS was the defining issue in the community. My decision to attend medical school and focus professionally on HIV research and prevention emerged not only from the experience of having lost so many friends to the disease, but also because it was clear that there was so much more we needed to know and do to effectively combat the epidemic.
Colfax has also been a leader in harassing flavored tobacco and vaping product retailers. Naturally, he is a power-freak, choice-maker for all, on the subject and was behind a ban on such products that goes into effect in the foggy city on July 1.

This is Breed's guru, an ideologically driven adviser who went into lockdown power freak mode advisory position instead of doing anything for the elderly in SROs who really needed help in dealing with COVID-19.

Yes, this is her guru, when there are world-renowned scientific minds down the road from her at Stanford University who have made it clear the lockdown approach is doing more harm than good. There is zero indication she has consulted them or anyone else other than Colfax who still hasn't told her to open stores and offices, so she has to babble on about open stores when there are essentially none.


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  1. RW states: "Colfax has also been a leader in harassing flavored tobacco and vaping product retailers..."

    This is an incomplete post since I have contracted a severe case of MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over). Anyone who has the proper names for this story should post them.

    Way back when,Trump was perceived as weak and befudddled, a person who should have done this or done that and shut down the world during THAT WEEK.

    Therefore, GET TRUMP.

    However, there was a Member of the House WHO WAS THERE during that week. He reminded everyone that during the week in question, Moloch-Pelosi would not let any Legislation come up for Consideration except something concerning Flavored Tobacco.

    "...And now you know (sorta') the Rest of the Story.

    Evil, evil, evil.