Sunday, May 3, 2020

What It Is Like To Live in Los Angeles for $900 Per Month on a Boat

Probably a pretty good way to maintain a low profile and to move fast if the power freaks get over oppressive.



  1. OK, as a boat guy, I suppose I'm expected to comment.
    All in all, he's got it right.
    Some caveats:
    1. Carver is a POS. They are miserable at sea (roll all de time)
    2. But, if you just want to hang on the dock, it's a no brainer cheap apt. in beautiful locations.
    3. I hate this kid, cause he gamed the system as a young guy, and I didn't figure it out until I was FIFTY!
    So, envy aside, yeah, he's got the right idea. But if you don't want to live in LA, there are places where you can just anchor FOR FREE!
    When it comes to anchoring, if you keep the air conditioning off, you can live a very comfortable life with ALL amenities, with a couple of high output solar panels ($700), and some big batteries.
    Like I said, the Carver is a POS. But you can live as large, or larger, on a sail catamaran, use zip fuel, and enjoy unlimited range.
    As for maintenance expense, he kinda slipped that question. The best estimate is 10% of the boat value per year to keep her up. That's by far the biggest expense. But that's why, when I started the boat life, I sold my house.

    1. Thanks Capn,

      I was waiting for you to come through!

    2. ...ahoy, mate :)

      My 2c: if you want to stay on anchor, you'd need a dinghy to get ashore for provisioning and such, and some place to land. In some places there are dinghy thieves, prepare accordingly. There's also always an issue of ground transportation from landing to places where you'd want to go. (In touristy places like tropical islands it's less of an issue, as many shops and restaurants would be within easy walking distance from a marina.)

      Living aboard is a completely different lifestyle; there's no place for clutter and non-essential stuff.

      Internet connectivity can be dicey (especially on the islands). Satellite internet is both expensive and slow. Local phone companies in many countries have... issues. Usually staff at boat charters can provide helpful tips. Some tech (like WiFi amplifiers which could be mounted on the mast) could be used to get better connectivity through free WiFi available from many shore establishments.

      A lot of marinas in US prohibit living aboard. Some are OK with that, some simply aren't bothering enforcing their rules.

      If you consider the boat a GTFO vehicle, you need to do some serious prep to get it in shape for the open ocean voyage - including getting skilled with being in open water in unpleasant weather. I quite agree with Captain Mike that sailboats is the way to go (though for that I'd prefer a keelboat rather than smallish catamaran... these are somewhat unpleasant in rough seas, and they are easier to damage in storms).

      And also... owning a boat requires being handy with tools and fixing things - electricity, plumbing, diesel, etc. Cooking is also a required skill (and fridges on boats usually suck).

      The often underestimated advantage of living aboard (outside of a marina) is that boats always roll, and you unconsciously shift to compensate. This constant low-level exercise is very good! Every time I go on a week-long trip I lose a few pounds while eating all I could:) And no vitamin D deficiency, none at all. Take that, viruses!

      Finally, boats don't move fast. If the gov. thugs really want to get you, it would be a rather poor idea to try to escape on a boat, and there's no cover on the water. Coast Guard will get you in no time, and if the thugs are serious one small missile from a helicopter would do you in. Being on the ground at least gives opportunities to hide or blend in.

    3. Yep, good additional advice there. When I said catamaran, I meant a BIG cat. Mine is mid size (Lagoon 37), but she handles big seas just fine. She's steady (cup holders? bah!) and fast. If it gets too crazy, just heave - to, crack a beer and a book, and wait for it to calm down (given there's enough room to drift for a bit).
      As for GTFO, the plan is to already BE out.
      AS for WiFi, The Bahamas are totally covered by 4G by two providers. There's towers on basically ALL the islands and with a cell booster, there's only a few dead spots. Oh, I didn't mention, use your phone as a hot spot.And build or buy a FREEZER! Big as you can fit. Solar runs that too.

  2. We need a follow-up report on living on the road in a RV or motor home, which would be equally appealing, maybe even better.

    1. They don't call 'em "Land Yachts" for nothin'. Similar lifestyles.
      I sometimes have dreams where my boat has wheels...