Sunday, May 3, 2020

Why Do Gold and Silver Coins Have Such High Premiums Right Now?

Stephen Boice emails:
Hi Robert, what is your opinion on the high premiums right now for gold and silver? Premiums for 1oz gold are running +10% while silver is +30-60%. What is going on here? Is it supply and demand issues? Would you wait to buy until they normalize again or would you keep buying despite the high premiums due to the crazy Fed money printing?

RW response:

What is going on is that there is an awful lot of money chasing the items that people are demanding right now and recognizable gold and silver coins are among the things being demanded.

I discuss in the EPJ Daily Alert, what the best strategy is with regard to buying gold and silver coins right now given these premiums and even name a government minted quality silver coin that I was able to find with a reasonable premium on it of roughly only 15%.

I am very bullish on gold and silver right now given the incredible amount of money printing that is going occurring.

Anyone who subscribes to the EPJ Daily Alert over the remainder of this weekend will get a summary ALERT that includes my discussion on what to do because of the high premiums and details on the reasonably priced government minted silver coin I was able to find. The summary will also include three charts detailing how the money supply is exploding like never before.

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  1. I wonder if the higher premiums has to do with the closure of mines and mints due to CV-19.