Thursday, June 25, 2020

Southern California Retailers Requesting 'Exact Change' Because of "Federal Reserve Rules" reports:
An employee at a Southern California Arco gas station told me that the sign wasn't there yesterday , but that when he returned to work this morning, management had put the signs up.
The sign reads "Due to covid-19 circumstances and Federal Reserve rules, please have exact change ready (coins.)"
No exact change, no problem, use your debit card.

This just by coincidence, of course, moves us closer to a cashless society where banksters and the government will be able to track all our spending.




  1. Using credit or debit card costs the business an addition expense of 2-5% per transaction. So this fee goes to the banks and card companies. Just another hidden way the banks are milking people. Of course businesses must raise prices to compensate. So customer pays more. Especially problematic for things that would normally cost very little like a piece of candy. Minimum fee for card charge is like $0.50

  2. I know I'm missing something here, but you'll have to explain to me what you mean by "stocking up on brown paper bags"?

  3. The problem is a shortage of base metal coins. For some reason they are not being returned to the banking system. The FED cannot supply the coins to the banks and so the banks can give them out to there customers. Banks are getting 10% of their traditional requests. A banker friend reports having to drive 3 hours into the boonies to get spare change (a lot) from a rural sister bank because if that bank turned them into the FED, his bank could not get them back. So maybe the population, afraid of whatever, is hoarding cash in the form of coined tokens. Where is FDR?

  4. Maybe they should print more currency the old fashioned way.

  5. Nothing about the wording of the sign makes any sense. "Covid-19 circumstances"?? What circumstances? "Federal Reserve rules"?? What rules?

    I'm more concerned about the government's attempts to eliminate cash than I am about its attempts to eliminate encryption. It'll be harder to work around the former than the latter.

  6. U.S. minted coins are "real Money"; with actual face value. Federal Reserve Notes are NOT real money; and have no intrinsic value. The FED is just trying to remove the last competition against their dollar. They can't move us into a cashless society; until all the hoards of coinage are "confiscated" and held by the Fed.