Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Chicago Fed Fires Harald Uhlig

The Harald Uhlig mini-Mao Cultural Revolution beat down has not stopped.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago on Friday cut ties with Uhlig, who was a scholar at the bank,, reports The Wall Street Journal. The Chicago Fed said it terminated Uhlig’s contract effective immediately

A bank spokeswoman said the move “reflects our determination that his views are not compatible with the Chicago Fed’s values and our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Uhlig said in an email that “termination of my contract is their prerogative.”

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  1. I quit active teaching at the college level back in 1995 and took an early retirement. One of the reasons I left teaching was that the Social Justice Warriors (mostly female and mostly from the "soft" departments such as management, marketing, history, sociology, etc.) were already on the prowl throughout the faculty. Their primary goal was to gain control over a faculty member's reading list such that students would be exposed almost exclusively to radical leftist bullshit. This would usually be done by setting up some committee that would have oversight responsibilities over curriculum to ensure that it was "socially responsible" and "diverse". In addition, reputations had to be sand-bagged and snotty-nosed students had to be encouraged to snitch on professors who, say, did not present Marx (or Keynes) in a fair light. The academic atmosphere, to put it mildly, became quite toxic and legitimate teaching became almost impossible...and that was the point: To defeat and drive out principled (tenured) professors and principled scholarship. And that was back then! I can only imagine how bad it is now.