Friday, June 12, 2020

Top University of Chicago Economist Comes Under Vicious Attack; Paul Krugman and Janet Yellen Join the Mob

Harald Uhlig
University of Chicago professor Harald Uhlig is coming under vicious attack by the lefty mob.

They smell blood.

University of Michigan professor Justin Wolfers, for example, tweeted this out:

Paul Krugman added this about Uhlig, a German citizen:
yet another privileged white man who evidently can't control his urge to belittle the concerns of those less fortunate.
Uhlig is the lead editor of the establishment respected "Journal of Political Economy." The mob wants him out.

Even former Federal Reserve Board Chairwoman Janet Yellen has joined in to throw a brick.

In an email to The New York Times,  she said that “the tweets and blog posts by Harald Uhlig are extremely troubling” and that “it would be appropriate for the University of Chicago, which is the publisher of the Journal of Political Economy, to review Uhlig’s performance and suitability to continue as editor.”

So what exactly has Uhlig done to boil the blood of the Keynesian confused economists?

He made a clumsy but sound point.

Uhlig equated Black Lives Matter members with “flat earthers” over their embrace of calls to defund police departments.

Uhlig also wrote a letter to the editor of The  Times in 2016, complaining about calls for greater diversity in the motion picture industry at the Academy Awards.

“This whole ‘diversity = more American blacks in Hollywood movies’ thing?” he wrote. “So so strange. Really.”

As a wordsmith, he is not Hunter Thompson, but he is the type of character Thompson would certainly report on after taking a few uppers.

Of course, Uhlig is in full retreat (I think, maybe you are supposed to read between the lines).

He wrote to a reporter:
I would love to have more black economists (or is it "Afro-American economists"?) among our undergraduate students, PhD students and faculty.  It is my impression that the good ones are highly sought after.  We also have very few American Indians among our colleagues.  We need to find good way to change these numbers.
But then there was a series of apology tweets and explanations. For example:

There were many, many more.

The only response that made any sense came in a tweet to Uhlig from Sandra N.

James Altucher once said that you shouldn't engage with those that are not interested in truth, you will never win with them. If they say you are from Connecticut but you are really from Rhode Island, and you correct them, their response will be, "That's worse."

If you are a white man (or a black conservative), it is imperative that you read SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police, consider it a survival manual. The mob is roaming looking for its next victims.

From the book:
 One day you are peacefully sitting in your cubicle at work minding your own business when you receive an email from your manager to stop by his office.
When you do, you learn from your boss that a complaint has been filed against you for some type of politically incorrect activity.
Uhlig needs to read the book tonight.


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