Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Meaning and the Mind of an American

Richard Ebeling emails:
I have a new article on "The Meaning and the Mind of an American":

In many ways, America seems to be at a possible crossroads of what it will be as a country: one still premises on the idea of liberty, or further in the direction of collectivism in its modern identity politics version grounded in a new tribalism.

In this context, it is worth asking and reminding ourselves what it has historically meant to be an “American.” In my article this week, I highlight that unlike many other countries, we do not identify ourselves as a nation in terms of ethnicity, or language, or religion, or race.

Instead, ours has been a joint nationality based on an idea: individual freedom and the diversities of pluralistic life through networks of voluntary association rather than government command and control.

We have been moving away from this idea for a long time, and it is current getting worse. But without it, the historical meaning of being an “American” will be lost.

The full article is here.

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  1. Richard encapsulates so many core components of the feeling of sovereign that its easy to see just how its all unraveling when factoring in lack of the ability to discern and no desire to learn from history in the minds of the young that have no experience with it.

    American is really same as the old Rome ... burning