Monday, June 22, 2020

Trump Extends and Expands US Immigration Restrictions

President Trump will extend a suspension of immigration into the US, banning green card applications for the rest of the year and introducing restrictions on other visa categories, including those for high-skilled jobs, reports the Financial Times.

A senior official told the Times that rump was also limiting other visas, including H-1Bs, which are frequently used by technology companies, and H-2s, which are used for lower-skilled jobs.

Of course, the cover story is that the restrictions are being imposed in response to the coronavirus, but it is really an anti-immigrant move driven by confusion about immigrants and the labor they bring to the US which raises the general standard of living.

This confusion is evidenced by an official telling the Times that the restrictions would create employment opportunities for roughly 525,000 Americans.

A couple of years back, I discussed the problem with this thinking even when it related to low skilled workers.



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  1. Right, so how do I benefit from mass immigration? How does this help the black community or other minority communities? VDare does an excellent job of explaining this, but you can't see past your libertardian idiocy to get it. If cheap labor is the sole driver of economic success, the counties these people are leaving should be in a lot better shape.

    I applaud this move by Trump. Yes, it's true some immigrants have done some things, but you kind of miss the assimilation aspect and the importance of that. I'm still waiting for to find me all those libertarian black, brown, yellow, and whatever else you claim that exists.