Wednesday, July 1, 2020

WARNING: Al Gore's Advice to Corporations in the Post-COVID-19 World

Al Gore
Al Gore, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed with David Blood, provides frightening advice to investors and corporate leaders on how they should act in the post-COVID-19 world.

Here are key excerpts from the piece:
As economies reopen around the country, it is essential that policy makers don’t default to pre-pandemic thinking. Covid-19 with all its unfolding tragedy presents a once-in-a-century obligation to rethink the relationships among business, markets, government and society. What is desperately needed, and what we must deliver, is a sustainable form of capitalism.

 All investments made today must factor in long-term climate and societal implications.

Companies making cuts in pay or staff numbers should lead from the top. The C-suites should be taking the largest cuts to total compensation, and we are pleased that many companies have adopted this approach.

Finally, we want CEOs to accelerate their efforts on climate action.
Gore and Brooks don't come out and call for more government regulations and interventions in the economy but you can be sure that is behind the curtain---to be produced when the time is just right.

There is just no indication of understanding by these two of fundamental basic economics or sound science of any kind.



  1. I think they fully intend to scare the crap out of the dimwitted mob so they can institute such a regime. And kill as many old folks as they can along the way by suppressing and forbidding known cures and preventatives. The virus is potentially deadly but it is preventable and curable to even the most vulnerable populations. The government and media are purposefully hiding that information. Explaining the cures and preventatives in detail can get you swiftly punished by a Facebook ban all the way to a threat from the FTC or FDA.

    For example, if you dare claim that high dose vitamin C helps cures the virus on Facebook, you post will get a swift fake news warning slapped on it. You might get a 7 day ban. But NHS nurses in Britain are getting privately subsidized vitamin packages to protect them against the virus. It would probably be a crime in the USA just to provide the information set forth here:

  2. That clown is still around, wow... I thought he'd be hiding under a rock with his millions of loot. I guess he's got zero common sense.