Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Whiplash on Businesses Caused by the Reversals on the Easing of the Lockdowns is Devastating to Many

What New Jersey restauranter Andrew McCrone is going through is occurring with businesses across the country as government officials reverse the easing of lockdowns that were questionable lockdowns in the first place  (See: Stanford Nobel Prize Winner on the 'Stupid Lockdown') .

The reversals are coming as the spike in COVID-19 cases appears to be because more are being tested and because the young who are not at severe health risk if they are infected by COVID-19 are mingling.

The governors and mayors instituting these draconian measures are destroying parts of America.



  1. Most of that "spike" is just plain old false positives. If you test 1mil people with FP rate of 1% you'll get 10000 "confirmed cases" even if no one is ill in reality. Most medical tests have FP rates in 3-10% range.

    The second part of that is that people with mild or no COVID symptoms are starting to come to medical offices (which were previously closed, or people were simply afraid to go), and these offices insist on doing tests. (My RN friend from Arizona insists that this is the case.)

  2. Also sick people like my coworkers grandpa with cancer are tested numerous times once they test positive. He's been tested 4 times since March and remains positive. if the cancer kills him it will be a covid death.

    1. I'm not sure people realize that these 4 positive tests are reported as 4 separate confirmed cases.