Tuesday, July 28, 2020

California Madness: May Offer $600 a Week in Extra Jobless Benefits if Congress Doesn’t Act

If Congress doesn’t act to extend an extra $600 in weekly benefits for unemployed Californians, California state legislators say they’re ready to jump in to prevent benefits from plunging, reports The San Francisco Chronicle.

The expanded federal unemployment benefits, which began in April, expire this month, and the final checks have already gone out. Without a congressional extension, the average jobless payment in California will be reduced to about $338 a week, according to the Chronicle.

Legislators said that they intend to fill any gaps in the $600 unemployment benefit if Congress approves a smaller amount, and that they want to extend the payments to undocumented immigrants who have lost their jobs.

Assemblyman Phil Ting, a San Francisco Democrat, calls the bill “a huge economic stabilizer.”

Legislators said they estimate the stimulus package could total $100 billion.

Of course, the state does not have the money for this "stay at home, don't work (riot at night)" program, so what will they do?

The Chronicle explains, "they outlined a host of unconventional accounting moves that could bring in the extra money, many of which involve borrowing against expected future revenue."

But one must ask what future revenue?

The plan also calls for "expanded tax breaks for small businesses, and expand a program that allows them to delay paying sales taxes."

And businesses are leaving the Commie Coast on a daily basis.

Hey, maybe they can tax the Tenderloin. It looks like those folks will still be around:



  1. CA will just successfully lobby for a federal bailout, so in the end, federal taxpayers will foot this.