Sunday, July 26, 2020

The Destruction in New York Caused By Gov. Cuomo

Gov. Andrew Cuomo
The Wall Street Journal has the details:
Job losses in Northeastern states have been more severe than in the rest of the country. But New York stands out even in the Northeast for the size and scope of job losses, which have resulted from Mr. Cuomo’s reluctance to ease his lockdown orders even now that new infections are under control.

Over the last year employment has declined by 15.3% in New York compared to 14.4% in Massachusetts, 13.4% in New Jersey, 11.8% in Rhode Island and 10.3% in Connecticut. The only state that has lost more jobs than New York is Hawaii (16%), but its economy relies mostly on tourism and travel....

Manufacturing job losses in New York (12%) have been especially steep compared to Massachusetts (5.4%), New Jersey (5%), Connecticut (4.9%), and Rhode Island (4.5%). Ditto construction jobs, which have fallen 16.8% in New York compared to 13.3% in Massachusetts, 9.5% in Rhode Island, 9.4% in New Jersey and 5.5% in Connecticut...

Most states, including Connecticut and Rhode Island, allowed manufacturing and construction to continue during their lockdowns because workers in those industries are less likely to increase virus spread in communities. Yet Mr. Cuomo only allowed construction and manufacturing to resume in New York City on June 8, and some of the delayed projects may never restart.

Mr. Cuomo is claiming that coronavirus breakouts in the U.S. South and West vindicate his slow-roll reopening. But Rhode Island allowed gyms, hair salons and indoor restaurants to reopen on June 1. Connecticut waited two weeks longer, but neither has experienced a spike in cases.

The Governor still has no plans to reopen gyms or indoor dining in New York City. New York has lost 52% of leisure and hospitality jobs since June 2019 compared to 36% in Rhode Island and 34% in Connecticut. Private schools in Connecticut have reported a surge of interest from New York high-earners.
Cuomo is a thug.

There is no science behind any of the lockdown orders he put in place and the many orders he continues to refuse to lift.

He has done more to destroy huge swaths of New York City and of the entire state than a dozen gangs of roaming street criminals.


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