Friday, July 24, 2020

University of Chicago Economist Calls for Paul Krugman to Be Replaced by a Black Economist

Paul Krugman
University of Chicago economics professor Harald Uhlig was fired by the Chicago Federal Reserve and was temporarily removed as editor of the Journal of Political Economy because of a left-wing attack group which objected to his statement where he wondered aloud whether it was wise to defund the police.

Follow-up accusations were made by a former student who said in a tweet to Uhlig:
  I sat in your class in Winter 2014:
(1) You talked about scheduling a class on MLK Day
(2) You made fun of Dr. King and people honoring him
(3) You sarcastically asked me in front of everyone whether I was offended
Things have calmed down so Uhlig appears to have decided to have a little fun and identify as a social justice warrior at the expense of Paul Krugman and call for his replacement as a columnist at the New York Times with a "Black-American," economist.

If you are at U of C, you are probably missing out if you don't take a course taught by Uhlig.


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